About us

Glow Cosmetics is a beauty brand established in 2020 to enhance women’s beauty of all skin types and age groups. In Glow Cosmetics, we believe every woman is beautiful in her own way and our products are made to enhance your beauty to the next level.

As a Nurse, mother, wife, church worker, business owner, i feel good and happy when patients and my colleagues compliments me on how beautiful and vibrant i look in my makeup, how i give them hope as a nurse and as an individual without knowing all i went through that day or morning before coming to work/church, meaning i don't look like what i went through that day. These compliments motivated me to create glow cosmetics to make other women feel the same way (happy and feel good about themselves).

Our cosmetics are made of high quality products with women of all skin color in mind, our products are paraben and cruelty free, contains essential vitamin E, avocado oil and lots of more vital enrichment's which are essential and needed in our day to day living. Glow Cosmetics can be worn every day, casually, to work and to a party and can last all day if properly worn.

In Glow Cosmetics, we believe every woman deserve to always look beautiful no matter what they are going through or might have been through in life because when you look good, you feel good and we are here to make you feel that way.

THANK YOU for reading and getting to know us as a brand and we are here for you and will continue to take your beauty to a top notch.